5 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Every Month as a Business Owner

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Although posting quality content is the key to gaining followers on your Instagram account fast, however, it depends on a lot of other factors as well. For some users, it gets tiring and frustrating to hit that 1000 followers milestone in a week or even sooner so they tend to purchase followers. This only damages your account in the long run as you will have less time spent on pages and bad-fit leads. A better option is to get help from Instagram growth service tools that target relevant users and encourage them to follow you. With that being said, we also have additional tips for you to organically grow Instagram followers every month.

Stay Consistent

First off, if you created your Instagram account in the area of your interest then you will never get bored of posting every other day and your least concern will be to increase followers. The more the content you post, more the chances you have for increased engagement which would ultimately lead to more followers. Therefore, you need to post regularly, otherwise, you will be prone to the risk of losing even your current followers.

Never Follow for Follow

How likely are you to follow an Instagram account that has 9,500 followers and 9,450 followings? I am pretty sure your answer was negative. Thus, you should never do that. You will never get followers this way. If you have a social media strategy to follow, you will never be able to reach your goal if you gain followers this way. Also, you won’t be able to get a real and relevant audience for your brand, therefore, you should remain patient.

Use the Appropriate Hashtags

Many people love to follow their favorite hashtags and if you use the appropriate and relevant hashtags in your content, this may reach the audience on their feed. While the others search for hashtags for whatever content they are on the hunt for and this will lead you to gain more Instagram followers. You can also search what hashtags other users are using for their content to ensure you remain as relevant as possible and target the right audience.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Account on Other Platforms

This won’t cost you a penny and will get the job done right. Let’s say you have more followers on Twitter than Instagram, so you can ask your followers on Twitter to follow you on Instagram for some exciting content. You can also add your Instagram account’s link in your email signature or you can embed your Instagram images in your blog posts to help you increase the potential reach on your Instagram.  

Find the Best Time to Post

Instagram allows you to get a deeper analysis of your page’s statistics. It tells you at what time of the day and during the week your audience’s engagement was higher. You can experiment with posting at different times and observe when you got the highest engagement through analytics. For instance, if you want to post a scrumptious recipe video on your Instagram account, it would be best to do so outside of work hours as people will be looking up for such videos for dinner time.