Enhance Your Elearning Course Branding With These Design Elements

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Do you wish to enhance your brand image via your elearning courses but can’t find ways other than including a company logo? Well, almost all organisations which deliver elearning courses for training employees and other similar purposes often experience this dilemma. But, we have a list of various unexpected elements which lend credibility to your brand and foster a sense of trust amongst the target audience. Read on to get yourself acquainted! 

Creative and legible typography

When we talk about typography, make sure to pick the one which reflects the message you want to convey and the overall tone as well. Once done, conduct some user testing which will give you a fair idea of which type works best for you. You can experiment with different fonts but it is suggested to stick with traditional ones for text whereas you can include unique ones for headers. But, do keep in mind that there is a fine line of distinction between being creative and going over the top. That being said, choose the one which best suits your brand and the message. 

Colour schemes

Simply modifying your colour palette can help you gain the desired traction. The key is to select colours which blend with your brand logo while keeping it simple. Moreover, you don’t have to use all the shades which are a part of your logo. Instead, pick the most prominent ones and make them the prime focus. Once you’ve successfully made a choice, implement the same colour across all borders, fonts, and graphics. In addition, you can use an image editing software to ensure that the shades of the chosen color are consistent throughout. 

Workplace images

Just like brand logo helps to enhance your brand image, so do your workplace images. So, incorporate photographs of the workplace or cartoons which depict your facility. You can also bring to the spotlight some of your employees which also serves an added motivation for other co-workers. This is an ideal branding strategy for corporate elearning courses as staff members are better able to relate to the content. On the other hand, you can always switch to royalty-free image sites which offer high-quality generic photographs. 

Include organisational anecdotes and stories

Another way to shed light on your brand but in a subtle way is to include organisational anecdotes, stories, and real-world examples from past employees or reflect on a situation you encountered in your job. You can also add references to your company’s history and work practices. This is one of the most preferred approaches for enhancing the brand image however, there is a caveat to this branding technique, i.e. you should not get too personal when weaving the elearning content, rather tie the story into real-world scenarios. 

Branded demo videos

Branded videos are yet another technique to enhance the credibility of your brand only if you make sure that these product demo videos are inclusive of brand logo, colours, and images of your work environment. In addition, you can create videos with the assistance of your employees which creates a sense of relatability and urges co-workers to participate. Effectively blend your logo on the top corner such that it doesn’t become a distraction and also feature the company tagline or URL in the background. 

Customised infographics

Infographics have proven to be an effective marketing technique for quite some time now and are a golden branding opportunity for elearning companies. There is a high probability of users engaging with your branded infographics and sharing them with their social network across different platforms hence, make sure to include your company logo, contact info, any border colours, and images from your organisation library. 

These branding techniques, although very straightforward and simple, do wonders when it comes to building a brand reputation and enhancing its overall image. So, make sure to incorporate these in your branding efforts, or to check branding elearning training providers for getting a better understanding, as well as top quality content. 

Image by Free-Photos