Are You Ready For Disruption? How To Prepare For Major SEO Changes in 2020.

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As we all know, content marketing is a vital component of any marketing campaign. The coming year is set to bring about many changes to the SEO landscape. Those who are able to detect these changes early will be able to leverage these changes to their advantage. So, with this in mind, what are the major SEO changes that we should be aware of in 2020, and how can we prepare for these changes?

Content Relevance

Times change and so does information. Content relevance doesn’t only mean that your content is meaningful to your readers, but also that it is correct. Because of how new discoveries are made on a regular basis, it’s important to be able to refresh content when necessary. And while you can’t really constantly check your content’s accuracy, you can, however, use competitive analysis for search engine optimization. If you find that your old content is not performing as well as it used to, you might want to consider that your content has become outdated.

SEO Page Speed

It’s a well-known fact that page speed has a major impact on bounce rates and dwell times. Slow page speeds are bad for Google and for your visitors. Slow load times mean that the search engine can’t assess as many webpages as it normally would and it’s a good way to lose site visitors. Performing page speed tests should be both a priority and a habit. Getting rid of unnecessary images and videos will often improve your page load speeds.


Backlinking has long been a mainstay of SEO because of how backlinks can help draw traffic to your content if your content is of high quality. You may want to reevaluate your backlinking strategy with a more aggressive focus on your target audience. These links should also be used to enhance your exposition. This is especially important considering how artificial intelligence will help direct users to content that it deems more relevant to the user.

Video Content

The reason that video content is so popular isn’t because most people are too lazy to read, but rather because video content is easy to consume. A wealth of information can be shared in a span of minutes and this is what makes it such an appealing medium. It also gives the information a human touch.

Live video is especially effective because it gives viewers an opportunity to react to the content being shown. This also allows you to answer any questions pertaining to your content as well as to build a deeper connection with your audience.

2020 is set to bring a lot of changes to the SEO landscape. There are many technologies that are bound to disrupt their respective industries. This change is not something new, and this isn’t the first time we’re going to have to account for change. The dynamic nature of digital marketing is also dependent on what suits the needs of the majority. Knowing what these changes are and how to prepare for them will allow you to make the best out of the shifting times.

Image by William Iven