Tools To Ensure Your Remote Marketing Team Is Always Keeping Abreast Of The Competitors

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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

How can you help train your marketing teams for a better future? With the help of many digital tools that you can adopt.

Marketing is one of the most crucial departments for any organization or brand. After all, it is this team that helps you reach your prospects and target audience. This makes it important for you to keep your team skilled and updated with the technology at all times. 

With remote working, this has surely become a challenge. Managing time, training teams, handling stress, ensuring work-life balance, and not overburdening employees with work are only a handful of the many challenges that employers are facing. 

So, how can you help train your marketing teams for a better future? With the help of many digital tools that you can adopt. From video conferencing to social media management tools, these tools are available in abundance. 

You can not only ensure that your marketing team is well trained to tackle every challenge that they come across, but also help them automate their work and ease out the workload. 

In this article, you can read about a few of such digital tools that every marketing team should have. 

  • Web conferencing tool 

Understanding what your remote team is going through can often be a task for marketing managers. Also, when teams are working from their respective homes, it is a task for them to bond and communicate with each other. 

They are stripped off of their coffee breaks, watercooler breaks, or the usual lunch breaks where they caught up with each other about what’s happening in their lives and bonded. 

Thus, it is often suggested that managers should consider investing in a remote meeting software that will help them overcome this challenge. 

With remote meeting software, you can do a lot more than just ensuring effective training programs where you are able to observe the body language of employees. This can also help you host the small virtual coffee bread for employees which will help them stay productive for a longer period of time than usual. 

  • Social media management tool 

Social media is one of the most important aspects of the world of marketing in today’s world. It is social media that helps gain traction from the latest generation and generate leads for businesses. But it is also a time-consuming task. Hence, it is always better to adopt an effective social media management tool that will help you automate your team’s work. 

Today, you can find such software and tools in abundance. It will help you with scheduling, social publishing, and also community management. You can ensure that your employees are uploading photos and posts months in advance. This helps them create a cohesive calendar by leaving gaps for all the topical posts to get online. 

It is one of the most effective and team-oriented tools you will ever come across. 

  • Design prototyping tool 

When you are offering a product or a service to the market, you need to first ensure that they are either truly useful or extremely beautiful to sell. It is essential for your product to ensure that it has a good design to make the user experience better and to ensure that it stands out in the marketplace. 

The design process is complex, irrespective of whether you are working with in-house designers or you are outsourcing it. This is because the design requires a lot of back-and-forth with the multiple stakeholders before it is finalized. 

Thus, using a design prototyping tool will allow you to save a lot of costs. With this tool, you can share and discuss the changes before you get the final product. It is also a great tool to guide the development department in the right direction. You can consider this tool to get picture-perfect designs at lesser costs. 


It is crucial that your marketing team is either always at par or more with the competitors. Thus, it is best to keep up with the trends and adopt various tools that can help you achieve the same.

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