Student VS Real Life: 4 Moments from Student Life that Prepare for the Real Life

PESTLEanalysis Team
PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It turns out that real life is not too different from student life. what are those realities of student life that have taught us invaluable lessons?

“Welcome to the real life” - this slogan is before our eyes when we graduate from the university. We are full of hope and ambition, ready to conquer this very real world. This is the universe of an adult full-fledged independent life, where their rules reign. And the next day comes the understanding that the environment has not changed at all, only you. It turns out that real life is not too different from student everyday life. Your “ratings” to a greater extent affect the reward, but although now everything is expressed by other concepts, the laws are unchanged. And what are those realities of student life that have taught us invaluable lessons? Let's take a closer look.

Day of Enrollment. What Have You Prepared for? To Long Lines and Paperwork.

All students know how difficult it is to fill out numerous applications, questionnaires or other papers was before entering the university. You are literally kicked from one office to another, and in front of each door is a crowd of the same suffering applicants (and probably also with their parents). In general, it doesn’t matter if you had the opportunity to send your documents online or by email. Believe, there will be a lot of such procedures in the student’s life (turn to the teacher for offset, scholarships). This way you prepare yourself and still learn (relatively) to go through such difficulties that are even more difficult in real life, especially on a payday Friday evening.

Communication with teachers. You Are Prepared to Work Rules and Thinking Outside the Box

There weren’t many opportunities at the school to fully develop and show business communication skills with teachers. At the university, it would seem that strict professors are more likely to succumb to persuasion by students, although this is not always good.

Responsible and diligent work is only part of the success. One more essential part is revealed when you realize that there are other ways to achieve your goal. And not only communication can help but also an essay writing company to make your life easier. And this is the subtle art of diplomacy, so carefully honed after you persuaded the accounting teacher to postpone the exam for the next week or discussed with the philosophy teacher the need to give you a good grade so as not to get on the triple list.

Gangs and Like-minded Groups. You Are Prepared to Unstable Working Relationships

At school, having your own “gang” is quite common, which cannot be said about the university. It is more difficult to organize a group of your people because you are faced with completely different personalities in the walls of a huge building. Even in student organizations, there is an enormous turnover of staff. Now you have to establish good relations with different people and recognize everyone in a new way.

This usually happens in the working team: the connecting element is only that “a gang of colleagues is going to drink coffee at 8:47,” so that people can join. If this is your first time in a work environment and in fear of expecting a difficult relationship with new colleagues, you may be surprised by the fact that sociability and goodwill will play into your hands at a new workplace. Therefore, communication skills are definitely useful here.

Strict Teachers. You Are Prepared to the Cruelty of the Bosses

Whether your unrealizable dream of getting a top-five in philosophy came true or if you just served a couple of stories without incident, there is a certain joy in challenging the most rigorous teaching and then telling everyone your pitiful story. But with the bosses, everything is completely different. The dramatic reality is that while at the university the most rigorous teachers turned out to be the best in reality, the ruthless bosses are usually the worst. A good boss is fair and honest.

University professors who once made you fear have given you invaluable experience. In the work environment, they reminded you that a terrible boss is just another such teacher, of whom there were many in your student life, and it should be taken as a temporary obstacle. So, student life can seem meaningless sometimes. However, reading this article you realize that this thought is completely untrue. If a person starts working straight after school, one will be fully disappointed and disoriented. That is why university life is essential to form a ready-to-real-life personality.

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