Ways to Run a Low Budget Home Remodeling

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Remodeling our house is something we can all get excited about. With all the time we spend at home, we definitely have to love the spaces that we live in. Our home should not just be functional, but also personal to our style and needs. 

Each space in our home should be organized but still reflect our personality and create that unique atmosphere that we crave for after a long day of work. From the kitchen, the bathroom, to the bedroom – everything should work for you. With the appliances and furniture that we need in our daily lives, functionality is so important. But that doesn’t mean that we sacrifice beauty and decor.

The thing is, sometimes these beautiful items can cost us. Household items are an investment for the next few years or even decades. But sometimes we don’t always have that much cash to spare. 

Well, don’t fret, because it is very much possible to remodel your home into a more beautiful space while on a budget. There are several DIY possibilities so you are not just saving money but you are also creating a unique space for you and your loved ones.

If you are looking to remodel your home into a better living space, here are five quick tips to get it done on a budget.

5 Tips For a Low Budget Home Remodeling

  1. Refresh your kitchen cabinets with a new paint color.

Do you find yourself spending less time in the kitchen, or not enjoying it like before? Maybe you have dark kitchen cabinets that give off that dreary feel. If you want a more home-y feel you don’t necessarily have to get new appliances and silverware, or even replace your cabinets – but just the color! 

Clean them up and check for any woodwork issues before brushing on some new paint. All you need is a sandpaper, paintbrush, the paint itself, and some energy. A lighter color will not only open up the space, but it will give off an inviting atmosphere to anyone who walks into your brand new kitchen. 

  1. Use plants and flowers to enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

Recently, it’s been proven that having plants in your home actually contributes to your feelings of calmness and relaxation. The lush green colors of plants and the bright hues of flowers will allow you to forget the stresses of work and just relax in your own space. 

A good strategy to cut costs on house plants is to split apart the blooming plants (spring and summer). This way, your plants will alternately bloom throughout the year and you can control their size and growth. You can even propagate them in old glass bottles or mason jars so there is no need to spend on new pots.

As for flowers, they are readily available in your local markets so why not pick up a bouquet every few weeks? Be sure to wash and trim the stems sideways before putting them in a vase with clean water, which you should replace everyday. This will keep them for longer. You can place the flowers in the middle of your dining table, bedside table, or coffee table in the common area to bring more life and color in that room. Arranging flowers is also another relaxing activity you can do as a form of self care in your home.

  1. Revive your old-looking porch, deck, or balcony.

Something we tend to overlook is our outdoor space as well. If this is decorated properly, it can become a new space to welcome our guests and have parties. 

However, weather and rains may have damaged the flooring and walls of our outdoor areas. Check for stains, moss growth, or even nails that are out of place because these could cause serious injuries. 

In your remodel you can even brush on a protective coat to protect it from outdoor elements, before decorating with a coffee table and chairs, some plants, fairy lights, or whatever you’d like. Be mindful of the space as a small balcony might feel cramped if you bring out lots of furniture so don’t forget to keep it simple – but still add your personal touch.

  1. Install a creative backsplash for a fun touch.

This is another trendy DIY project that became famous in the past few years. A backsplash is basically any material to fill in the gaps on your kitchen or bathroom walls – and it’s up to you whether you want it to match the initial design for a cohesive feel, or get creative and make it a little different. Some would choose a patterned backsplash for a rustic look while others go for a solid color if they want it to be more sleek and classy.

What makes installing a backsplash so doable is you would just need to choose the material, shape it, cut it, and glue it to your walls. Easy as that! It also functions to protect your natural walls from splatters or splashes during mealtime, and the backsplash material is surely easy to clean and wipe down.

  1. Renew the flooring and washed-out walls.

Lastly, changing the flooring and wall color can elevate your entire space. You may be living in a room that doesn’t reflect your new personalities and interests. One easy and affordable way to start is painting the walls. If you live in a well-lit place, opting for a light color such as white or cream will brighten up your space and make it appear bigger than what it actually is. This also makes a great background for photos and videos as it will reflect the natural light.

Another way to elevate your home is by replacing the flooring. You can choose to paint it and just add a small carpet or rug to bring more personality into the room. If you are replacing tiles, then we recommend going online and checking for the various designs to match the feel of your space. You may even chance upon a tile store online coupon code which will make your purchase much cheaper. The tile store online coupon code should be entered upon checkout so that your discount can be applied. Afterwards, simply wait for it to arrive then have it installed, and then you can bask in your gorgeous new home.

A home remodel is a very exciting way to bring out your creative and resourceful side. Living in a place that you personally love to be in will uplift your mood so much – and you don’t have to break the buck for it, too!