What is HIPAA compliant messaging and why is it important?

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In this age of continued technological advancement and development, different healthcare organizations and providers can now instantly message patients and colleagues with the use of HIPAA compliant texting applications. This type of messaging platform includes everything you know and love among popular messaging applications. With this innovative form of healthcare communication, it is now easier and faster for healthcare practitioners to stay in touch while on the go. 

Instead of disclosing important health information via sms texting or popular messaging applications, HIPAA compliant text messaging apps are now available and easily accessible whenever you need to communicate in real time. HIPAA text messaging apps include additional security features for safe sending and receiving of protected health information (PHI). These features may include passcode protection, time limited messages, read receipts, and remote lock-wipe that all help maximize security and protection.

Healthcare communication involves the sending and receiving of patient files, x-rays, and prescriptions. Healthcare professionals and authorized users are able to share information and communicate through the convenience of their own mobile device, without having to worry about time and security.

Whats is HIPAA and HIPAA Compliance? 

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or more commonly known as HIPAA, is a federal law passed by the Congress which outlines the following standards and regulations: 

  1. It provides access to transfer and continues health insurance coverage among millions of American citizens whenever they change or lose their occupations; 
  2. Reduces the risk of having healthcare fraud and abuse; 
  3. Mandates industry-wide regulatory standards for healthcare information and data on electronic billing and other processes; and 
  4. Prioritizes and requires the protection, safety, and confidential disclosure of protected health information

How can a HIPAA compliant app help your organization? 

HIPAA compliant text messaging apps offer many advantages for its users:

  1. It offers a secure and seamless process of communication between healthcare providers and their patients. With additional security features, application users don’t have to worry too much about how protected health information is handled.
  2. It’s fast and easy. Secure text messaging applications assures its users effective and efficient sending and receiving of healthcare information between patients and healthcare practitioners. Patient communication is not just fast and easy, but is also guaranteed to be safe and secure.
  3. Going paperless. This eliminated excessive use of paper records since HIPAA compliant apps store data in a secured and protected cloud. This means that all protected health and patient information is stored digitally. 
  4. Healthcare providers are able to securely communicate, not only with their patients, but are also able to get in touch with fellow authorized office staff. 
  5. It is now faster and easier for healthcare practitioners to receive files and data from the medical records system and send them to their fellow colleagues. 

In short, the healthcare industry must implement and follow these regulatory standards to protect the privacy, security and integrity of patient data and patient information. HIPAA compliance is a mandatory national protocol which all covered entities and business associated must follow. With HIPAA compliant messaging apps, electronic protected health information remains safe and secured at all times.

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