Welcome to PESTLEanalysis.com

A personal note from your Editor-in-Chief and business analysis buddy

Hello there! I'm Jim, the solo entrepreneur behind PESTLEanalysis.com, and I'd like to warmly welcome you.


At PESTLEanalysis.com, I'm all about breaking down complex business tools and terms into digestible, easy-to-understand pieces. Think of me not just as the editor-in-chief but as a business analysis enthusiast.

I may not be your typical business student, as I studied chemical engineering, but I ended up becoming a business owner.

I love looking into the works of businesses and what drives their growth. I am one of those people who actually enjoy reading reports and numbers on a screen. For me, data is everything, and there is an abundance of data in business planning.

As I was investigating financial reports and charts back in the 2010s, I came across two popular business tools. While SWOT analysis is widely used, I was intrigued by PESTLE analysis. So, I created this website to share my findings when conducting either of those analyses.

Why PESTLEanalysis.com?

  • Simplicity in Complexity: I believe in explaining complex business terms in the simplest way possible. No jargon, no fluff, just straight-to-the-point insights.
  • Conversations, Not Lectures: Business doesn't have to be boring. I'm here to chat, discuss, and engage with you on all things business analysis.
  • A Jack of All Trades: With a hands-on approach to everything on the site, I'm your go-to guy for any queries, insights, or even a friendly chat about the latest in business strategies.

Let's Connect

Your thoughts, feedback, and questions are always welcome. Want to dive deeper into a topic? Have a suggestion for me? Or maybe you just want to say hi? Whatever it is, you can always reach out to me.

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