Top-10 Interesting Topics for Persuasive Essay

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PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you are looking for some compelling, persuasive essay topics, stop. The ideas you will find here will surely inspire you and give you some new ideas. By the way, the list of topics you will read below can be used not only by college students but also by teachers who are going to assign a persuasive paper. It means your professor may accidentally read this article and choose some of the prompts to assign to you. That's another reason to consider the list.

If you're a student who needs assistance with an easy, then you will be glad to learn some tips that will be useful when you get started. If you don’t feel like being skillful enough to compose a quality persuasion, you just need to follow recommendations, and success will come to you.

As the name of the essay suggests, your task is to share your viewpoint and provide the proof that your words have sense. How to achieve this aim? It is not an easy task to convince the readers that you do realize and are confident in what you're talking about, but it is possible if you do a great job, searching for interesting facts able to prove your view.

You should learn more about the organization of this type of assignment and compare it with the requirements given by your professor. Keep getting acquainted with the rules of composing this paper, and you will succeed in creating a masterpiece.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

First of all, you should choose an interesting topic, which is much spoken about today. Or you can think about some fresh topic able to attract the attention of the audience. There are a lot of problematic issues to discuss. That’s why you may think that it is easy to choose a topic for your academic assignment. However, the problem is that you should choose the topic, which is interesting for you primarily.

You’d better get started with the topic ideas in the subjects you are good in. Think about the sphere that you find problematic or the one that gives you a chance to demonstrate your persuasive talent, sharing your thoughts with the reader.

Start writing with the problem introduction and continue with the main body, where you should give some facts and evidence of your opinion. Don’t forget to write the final part, which is the conclusion of your essay paper. Each structural part is important, however, conclusion plays a significant role due to the fact that your readers will remember your last words better than the ideas you had in the main body.

Find different types of facts and evidence to make the reader have no doubts that your viewpoint is the correct one. In order to achieve great results, you should learn how to persuade. Not everyone is able to sound convincing. This is a real art of composing your words and ideas in such a way that the reader will have a clear picture of what you are talking about.

Many students confuse two types of an essay - argumentative and persuasive - being sure that these two essay types are the same. However, you should understand that there is a difference. Argumentative essays suppose that there is a discussion opposed to one viewpoint, while persuasive ones involve supporting only one position.

If you aim to write a good essay, you should take into account that any piece of writing has its hidden obstacles. The persuasive essay is not an exception. Make sure you have learned all the smallest details before you get started.

Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics

It is half a success to choose a good persuasive essay topic. If you can’t think of anything on your own, you are offered to look through the list of essay topic ideas presented here. Check out if you are likely to start writing your essay on one of the topics listed below:

1. The Internet has changed our life much

A lot of people can’t imagine the modern world without the Web. Maybe this Internet addiction is like a disease, and you must treat it immediately.

2. All adults should be allowed to carry weapon

Some countries allow having a weapon and get it without anybody’s permission. On the one hand, it is a good idea to be able to protect yourself having a weapon as the guarantee of your safety. On the other hand, what if an adult buys the weapon, not with the aim to protect himself/herself?

3. Cell phones have a negative impact on health

Scientists have been talking about the negative effects that you may face talking on the phone much. Is there any evidence of this statement?

4. Identity theft is a great problem nowadays

The main target audience for identity theft is elderly people. How to stop this tendency?

5. Religion is used to control everything with the help of churches

If you are religious, you may think that this is not true, however, if you look inside the churches’ structure, you will see that religion is used with completely different aims.

6. Genetically modified food has its benefits

Genetically modified food is known as not healthy. But what if we use it as the food for those who suffer from hunger?

7. Parents should explain to their kids that alcohol and cigarettes are bad

Nowadays a lot of children start smoking or taking drugs even if they know that this is not good. Talk about the parents’ behavior in the situation when the child has got bad habits.

8. Social networks steal much time of our lives that may be spent with the real people instead of the virtual ones

Social networks are a great way to communicate with those who live far from you. But not everyone uses Facebook and other social networks with the aim to contact those who are far away. In most cases, much time is spent in social networks uselessly, e.g. playing games, talking online instead of having a real meeting.

9. People can’t imagine their lives without modern technologies

Progress is always going forward and we can’t live without the technologies it provides us with. Is it good or bad to be dependent on your cell phone or computer?

10. Security cameras invade our private life

Nobody likes being under surveillance all the time. But security cameras can be used in different kinds of emergency, for example, they can help the police find the criminals. But what are your thoughts on this issue?

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