10 Strong Reasons for Using Quotes in an Article

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Quoting is a useful tool, which can help you to improve your article in different ways. Keeping this tool in mind is always important while trying to provide strong reasoning or intricate the reader. Here you can find several reasons for incorporating quotes into the article, which are helpful friends of an effective writer.

Enlarge the Context

One of the main benefits of quoting is the opportunity to analyze and discuss the topic in-depth. Quotes help to broaden the context and provide necessary details to the article. Hence, the writer has a chance to enrich the text with excerpts from different sources, which correlate with the topic. 

Helpful for Supporting Idea

Quotes are also helpful tools for providing a framework for a certain idea. A student has an opportunity to support his/her own opinion by citing a credible source of information. Sometimes, writers face the problem of lacking arguments, and quoting can be a perfect chance to add strong reasoning. That is why quotes belong to useful devices for effective argumentation. 

Add Credibility

 Undoubtedly, credibility is one of the main features of a good article. While reading the text, a person wants to be sure that the information is valid, and the writer is an expert in a certain field.  Hence, the article requires quotes to assure the reader in the credibility of the arguments provided in the text. 

Persuade the Reader

It is noteworthy to mention such devices as ethos, logos, pathos, which are known as modes of persuasion. These tools play a central role in establishing credibility for argumentation. Thus, quotes are one way to enhance logos in the article through strong reasoning and ideas supported by persuasive arguments.

Make the Article More Sophisticated

If the student faces a topic that requires an academic approach, quotes are the best option to make the article sound more sophisticated. If you need to find more information related to the peculiar features of academic writing, students writing service provides various articles related to this topic. Thus, effective quoting depends on the subject of the article, as far as various topics need different approaches and writers’ techniques.

Enrich Your Writing Style

The next important issue is the ability of the quotes to enrich the writing style and make the text more subtle. Quotations are helpful in making the text more interesting for the reader. Besides, effective quoting is beneficial to avoid monotonously of the article, as far as it will be enlarged with arguments and different points of view provided by the writer. 

Provide Argumentation

As is mentioned above, quoting is necessary for effective persuasion. Thus, it is one of the best options to introduce the argument in the text, discuss, and analyze the idea.

It is possible to follow a particular scheme while reasoning:

  • introduce the idea and intricate the reader;
  • incorporate the appropriate quote into the article to support the idea;
  • analyze the quote;
  • provide own vision of the issue;
  • summarize key points discussed in the paragraph.  

Make the Topic More Comprehensible

Quoting is also helpful for making the topic more understandable for the reader. It is possible to apply quotes for explaining a particular issue or providing an example. Making the text easier for comprehension is one of the central aims possible to gain by using various tools and devices. Thus, a writer can use quotes in different ways, including improving the readability of the article.

Draw Connections Between Sources and Text

One more issue to mention is the linkage between the sources and the article itself. It is important to incorporate quotations wisely to provide a connection between the information from the cited source and the ideas discussed within the context of the article.

Hence, the writer should look through several sources, analyze the information, choose the appropriate quote, and then incorporate it into the text effectively.

Increase the Curiosity of the Reader

Finally, quoting is one more way to intricate the reader. It is possible to use quotes for drawing attention to a certain topic or idea. Besides, a quote can also be an effective hook in the paragraph, which makes the reader interested to continue reading the article. Thus, effective quoting is the tool not only for supporting ideas and persuading but also for increasing curiosity.

To sum up, quotes are beneficial in various ways, as far as they can be used for different aims. Thus, effective quoting implies such goals as supporting the idea, providing argumentation, as well as persuading and intricating the reader. Therefore, quotes can be your best friends while writing the article, but only in the case of using them properly and wisely.