How To Balance Academics And Work As A Student Entrepreneur

PESTLEanalysis Team
PESTLEanalysis Team
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Finding the balance in our lives and having a solid plan put together can often lead us to do great things. Writing a PESTLE Analysis could be the first step.

As we all know, scoring good grades and running a business isn’t an easy task. Academia is very demanding and requires a lot of time and effort to get right, especially those pesky referencing styles. Nonetheless, we must keep in mind that when life gives us lemons, we make lemonade. Sometimes we have the unique opportunity of starting a business while still in college, and that can impact our grades in a negative since it is such a huge commitment. Luckily for us, there are ways to balance both out and reach our goals both academically and professionally.

Working and Studying Is an Opportunity In Itself

While undergoing any degree most of us end up spending hours upon hours looking for adequate material in the school library or online. As an entrepreneur time is of the essence, meaning that you will not often have that much time for academic research or social events. Thus, in some cases, even the most conscientious of students need the help of essay writing services to write their paper on time and still prepare those meeting notes. These are just tools available at our disposal when caught in the storm of things.

Some entrepreneurs choose to use essay writing services to delegate minor assignments or proofread their work some see it as an opportunity in itself. What that means for us is that one may choose to become a freelance writer cashing in all the income for themselves or take their solo operations to the next level and even consider opening up their own professional writing service. Since they are studying the course material themselves and are familiar with all the current academic requirements, this makes them the perfect candidates to entrepreneur such businesses.

How to apply PESTLE analysis and figure out your niche

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If the idea of opening up a writing company as a student sounds appealing, then here are some things you might want to take into consideration:

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Let us bring these tips to life by actually using them to make a relatively simplistic analysis of why opening up an essay writing service as a student is not a bad idea. So what the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that one should be aware of while looking to do so?

Political: President Donald Trump’s aggressive policies towards foreigners has made an impact on mixed-race students by causing distress amongst their families.


Economic: Due to new bank charges on ATM Machines and Debit Transactions, students often find themselves needing more money to get by.

Social: The rise of social media has made it far easier for students to communicate and get their message across nowadays.

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Technological: Thanks to new technologies under development, it could never be more comfortable to start an online writing business. ( Regarding writing software, online promotion campaigns, selling, creating a site, etc.)

Legal: The new immigration laws of the USA has made it far more difficult for international students to receive a green card.

Environment: Setting up a green business is a huge selling point nowadays.

Keep your eyes on the prize

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It is quite easy to get distracted or feel overwhelmed and in need of a break from it all when juggling so many things simultaneously. But there is one key concept that you should always come back to when in these dark times. A thriving business can allow not only the entrepreneur but also the employees to enjoy life. It is not easy for any of us to balance out the stress of writing boring general ED papers while striving to run a successful company. However, without being able to balance everything out knowing all these tips will not be as impactful as it could be. So here are some strategies you can apply to get the most out of this experience:

  • Getting plenty of sleep is often overlooked due to the sheer excitement of things
  • Set clear deadlines and have a fixed schedule since most businesses are established within their first five years
  • Don’t be shy or feel embarrassed to ask for help in any situation
  • Take calculated risks. It is entirely accurate that without some form of risk it is often hard to reap significant rewards
  • Accept change and be ready to be wrong


Finding the balance in our lives and having a solid plan put together can often lead us to do great things. Writing a concrete PESTLE Analysis could be the first step to establishing the next best essay writing service of this generation. It is by far one of the most ambitious things a student can seek to achieve. Nonetheless, keep in mind that where there is a will, there is always a way.

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