Microsoft Certification Benefits and Advantages

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PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

While it takes some effort and time, the benefits of possessing a Microsoft certification make it worth obtaining a few.

Certifications from reliable sources are beneficial in the career of an IT professional. Certification is more than an acknowledgment of the individual's skills. It serves as proof of expertise to the employers. A Microsoft certification, for instance, is precious as it comes from Microsoft, one of the global IT giants. Therefore, pursuing a certification from Microsoft in your field of interest and expertise is quite a logical decision.

What exactly is a Microsoft certification?

As one of the leading tech giants, Microsoft has developed an incredible range of software products. Now, businesses and other organizations that use these products also need relevant professionals.

To keep the current workforce trained in the latest Microsoft products, the tech giant has constantly released various course materials. In addition, they have also come up with exams and certification programs. 

Thus, a professional who has learned to use a Microsoft product and develop relevant skills can appear for the exam. Upon clearing the applicable assessments, they would receive a Microsoft certification and proceed.

Why should you consider pursuing a Microsoft certification?

If you are hesitant about whether it is worth pursuing a Microsoft certification, you should look at the perks. A Microsoft certification can add a great deal of value to your portfolio as a competent IT professional. Some of the key advantages of obtaining a Microsoft certification are:

  • Efficiency: When you build your expertise in certain products and technologies, it makes you much more efficient at your job. You would be much more productive at work, with your newly developed skills allowing you to perform your responsibilities with ease. This would result in faster speed and better quality of work.
  • Validation of skills: It is pretty standard for recruiters to be skeptical about the essential skills and expertise of a candidate applying for a job. However, a certification from a well-established organization guarantees an employer that the candidate possesses the required skills.
  • Varied career prospects: As the range of Microsoft products is extensive, so are various certifications. For example, you could pursue a Microsoft power BI certification. Ultimately, this means that you have a variety of career opportunities and certification paths to choose from.
  • High remuneration: When you obtain a prestigious certification, it automatically helps you upgrade your career and earn a higher paycheck. You would be in a position to talk to your employer about a better salary and additional benefits. It is pretty common for professionals to enjoy a rise in pay once they earn a Microsoft certification.
  • Better jobs: The more you validate your skills with the proper certifications, the more jobs you would be eligible for. Additionally, a certification would also give you an edge against your rivals while applying for a job. Employers generally prioritize a candidate who possesses a valuable certification over one who does not.

Apart from these, a certification also helps you stand out from the rest as an expert in your field. In a workplace environment, this helps you earn the respect of your colleagues. Some of the high-level certifications would even help you gain recognition in the global communities of IT professionals.

Where can you undergo training for a Microsoft certification?

A self-learning approach is always an option that you may take up while preparing for a certification examination. However, it is far better to enroll yourself in a reputed institution and undergo training there.

While multiple institutions are offering Microsoft courses, not all of them are equally good. Here are a few things that you would want to check while going through your options:

  • Track record: You would want to check out the history of an institute and take a look at its track record. Ideally, you should try to get yourself trained at an institution that has been around for a while and carries a good reputation.
  • Flexibility: For IT professionals, flexibility in training is quite a big deal to consider. You would not want your training sessions to clash with your working hours, especially if you are working on a major project. Certain institutions offer online training at various time slots.
  • Comprehensiveness: You should choose an institute that takes a comprehensive approach while delivering the training. They should have the necessary infrastructure for hands-on training and should be able to provide you with quality course materials.

Choosing the right institute would already put you a step ahead towards the certification you covet.

How much would a Microsoft certification cost?

The certification costs or the fees for the exams vary from one certification to another—most of the certifications, including the Power BI certification, cost USD 165. However, while calculating the expenses, you should also consider the costs of training and courseware. Without adequate preparation, it would be impossible to earn the certification. While it takes some effort and time, the benefits of possessing a Microsoft certification make it worth obtaining a few.

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