Do You Need a Recharge Room at the Office?

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Offices, when associated with only work and goals can be depressing and stressful. This may lead to declining productivity and growth rate. If you are the kind of entrepreneur who would go to any lengths in order to increase productivity, recharge rooms are what you need to have next. Recharge rooms allow the employees to refresh their minds and focus better on their work afterward. It ensures that employees get enough time to relax and maintain a balance between work and life. 

What are Recharge Rooms?

A recharge room is not just a room where your staff can gather and have a good time together. It is a place with proven techniques applied to de-stress them. Given below are some examples of recharge rooms:

1. Nap Room

Having a nap room in your office may prove to be a good idea when equipped with a comfortable couch with eucalyptus weighted blanket. Once in a while you might need some rest and when well-rested, you can get back to work and perform more efficiently.

2. Gaming Room

There is a chance that over half of your employees would love to blow off some steam with controllers in their hands. Set up a few gaming consoles and allow your employees to spend some time there. This will entertain them and inspire them to work better.

3. Meditation Room

Meditation is a popular way to recharge the mind and cleanse the soul. Some employees might love to calm their nerves while switching to Zen mode. Build a meditation room consisting of all the relevant equipment. 

How are recharge rooms helpful for business?

Recharge rooms are more than just keeping up with what every other company is doing. It is a tried and tested method to increase productivity. Here is why it can prove to be a valuable asset for your company:

Recharge rooms are proven to increase productivity and thus increase your growth rate. Moreover, it sends out a message that you care for your employees, attracting more skilled workers. The recharge room acts as a place where your employees can spend time to get ideas on how they can contribute towards the betterment of the company.

The absence of relaxation time from employees’ work schedules may drain their energy and the will to work. These recharge rooms prevent the employees from getting stressed over workload and inspire them to work with more enthusiasm. Allowing them to work on their own conditions gives them a sense of feeling that they are doing it for themselves, and hence the productivity will never take a dip again.


A lot of companies struggle to maintain the motivation in staff because managers and directors focus on squeezing more out of the workers. What they fail to realize is that what they need is to inspire them to give their best. The best way to achieve it is to allow them to work without any stress. Recharge rooms are effective in reducing stress levels and thus taking your business to the epitome of growth.