Reviews About a Technological Platform for Video Conferences and Chat for Business iMind

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PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

iMind is a video conferencing platform for video conferences, meetings, conference calls, and chat for business.

iMind is a video conferencing platform for video conferences, meetings, conference calls, and chat for business. Many people and companies use it for communication. iMind.com allows them to reach their speakers in 1 click with contacts.


What options does the iMind conferencing platform have?

The iMind video conferencing platform has options for management, communication, and leadership. The main of them in the Free plan are:

  • host up to 100 participants;
  • group meetings for up to 24 hours;
  • simultaneous display of screens;
  • unlimited cloud storage.

The main options in the Pro plan for small teams are everything in Free plan, plus:

  • license and user rights management;
  • unlimited room URLs;
  • personal and group rooms;
  • custom branding.

 The main options in the Business plan are everything in Pro plan, plus:

  • customer service personal account;
  • custom subdomain;
  • storage connection via WebDAV;
  • media streaming.

The main options in the Enterprise plan are everything in Business plan, plus:

  • cloud localization;
  • system metrics in Prometheus format;
  • on-premise delivery;
  • priority support.

Every user can create a meeting room. Just enter the name of the room and get a link. After that, the user copies it and sends it to the participants. Each participant can join the meeting: simply follow the link.

The main reasons to choose iMind

If you find a video conferencing platform, the iMind can be an excellent choice. 

Free group meetings are not limited in time

On Zoom, Google Meet, Whereby and other services group meetings on the free plan are limited in time. iMind has a formal limit of 24 hours.

Free, unlimited recording storage

iMind does not require payment for the storage of records. Moreover, the amount of storage, even on a free plan, is not limited. Storage time is limited. You will be reminded that your recordings will be deleted if you do not download them or change your subscription plan.

Simultaneous Screen Sharing

Possibility of simultaneous demonstration of several screens with fast switching. Screenshot.


Visual authorization in the waiting room

Unlike Zoom or Google Meet, the host receives a snapshot of the user who wants to join the meeting.

Personal and group rooms

Registered users do not need to get re-approval from the host to enter this room. Such a room is called a group or simply a group.


Free plan vs Pro plan: what is the difference?

iMind technology platform has a few plans with differences. The most popular of them are Free plan and Pro plan. They have some differences from each other. Free plan is a personal plan. It has up to 100 participants. It is always free and has unlimited recording, simultaneous screen sharing, private rooms, and group meetings up to 4 hours. Users do not need a credit card.

Pro plan is great for small teams. It has many features for a fixed price per month. With this plan, you can use up to 9 licences per account, invite users. It has private and shared rooms that can be branded.  The quantity of rooms is not limited. Also it includes the group meetings up to 24 hours, and day and night online support in several languages.

How to get started with the iMind platform?

Every customer can get started easily with the iMind platform. You can use a special app on your mobile device to install iMind. It can be installed from the site. If you do not want to install the app, you can use the platform directly through the smartphone browser. Any browsers are suitable for using iMind.

What are the reviews of users about the iMind video conferencing platform?

iMind reviews lead to the conclusion that it has a useful and smooth function. What many users like about the platform is that it has many free themes to use. There are very informative templates, tools that can help in a career and business.

Tips for Using iMind

Customers recommend some tips for using the iMind. It can be used for consulting with clients, especially for using it to schedule networking meetings. Also it can help bring the office's functionality to home with phone calls, video meetings, on your mobile or laptop, or PC.

So iMind is a convenient and stable communication service.

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