Top Areas of Study in Business for A Successful Career

PESTLEanalysis Team
PESTLEanalysis Team
Top Areas of Study in Business for A Successful Career
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

These top business degrees could help you have a successful career and progress quickly as a strategic partner in the company that you are working for.

You’ll find a lot of people looking to get enrolled in an MBA degree after getting their bachelor’s in different fields. After they are done with their MBA, they get jobs in their respective fields.

Those who are unaware of business degrees often believe that there’s only one field they can choose after a BBA or an MBA degree. They couldn’t be more wrong because an MBA leads to unlocking a vast number of opportunities. It is the reason why, in a decade (from 2010-2020), the number of students enrolling for business degrees and especially MBAs increased by 8%.

Contrary to popular belief, when you opt for an MBA, you’re not just learning business administration principles and theories. You can opt for majors in different subjects depending on your capabilities and your interests. You also need to consider the relevance of your bachelor’s degree with the majors you opt for when you’re pursuing a business degree.

Here are some options for you to choose from when you’re considering going for a business degree.

1. Business Administration

If you want to equip yourself with the skills of a businessman, you can specialize in business administration. It will help you to advance your career in whichever industry you are working in. You can even opt for an online MBA degree so you can complete your degree while you work.

A business administration degree is great for you if you are an engineer, an IT professional, or even a game designer. It will basically allow you to learn about people management so you can level up as a manager. You will develop leadership skills when you take basic courses in HR and business communication. Other than that, you will learn about the different areas of business, like marketing and finance. You can apply these learnings as you become a part of the strategic development team in your company.  

2. Marketing

If you are someone who loves the creative side of the business, you can pursue a business degree specializing in marketing. In the basic courses, you will learn why marketing is important for business and some principles and theories of the subject. If you’re specializing in marketing, you will take electives that will teach you about brand management and even social media management.

Due to the boom of digital marketing in recent times, you will learn all about the principles of social media marketing and get to know about terms like PPC, engagement, and bounce rates. If you’re an engineer, your specialized marketing degree can pave the ways for a career in product marketing. As a product marketer, you will work closely with the R&D department as well as the marketing department.

3. Project Management

A project management specialized business degree is also great for a variety of career options. For example, if you’re a mechanical engineer working at a manufacturing facility, you can apply project management principles to complete new assignments. If you’re a civil engineer, your project management degree can help you develop proposals for your firm to bid on and secure major projects. As you progress, you might even hold the reins on an entire building’s construction project.

Project managers study risk management, project planning, and advanced finance to collaborate with the different teams working towards a common goal.

4. Business Analytics

Data is the new oil. Businesses are now using data to make major decisions that were previously being made by the top management based on their experience and “gut feeling”. Now, the rise of Big Data means that businesses will make even small decisions based on the collected data.

For example, social media marketers will use Big Data to make decisions regarding the copy of the advertisements and even use it to gauge the success of their marketing strategies.

Because of its quick rise, people will now have to have business analytics skills regardless of their degrees. So, like Excel skills became a must, python and SQL skills are the next essentials for everyone. And because it’s about to become competitive, you need to level up by getting a degree specializing in business analytics rather than just taking short courses. You will unlock a lot of networking opportunities and the opportunity to work on real-life business projects to polish your skills.

5. Entrepreneurship

If you’re someone who has aspired to start a business, a business degree specializing in entrepreneurship is a must for you. This degree will equip you with the basics of HR, marketing, and finance. Other than that, the degree will teach you the textbook principles of entrepreneurship, which you can then apply in real life.

Many institutions offer an entrepreneurship degree with the opportunity to secure a seed amount to start your business. So, a business degree with these kinds of opportunities is multiple times better than just taking up courses that teach you the basics.

6. Supply Chain

Supply chain is an important part of any business. If a business lacks in its supply chain, it is unlikely to succeed despite having a killer product. So, supply chain specialists ensure timely deliveries of raw materials to be used for the manufacturing process and timely deliveries to the stores. They also ensure that the supplies are procured at a competitive price and uphold the quality standards set by the company.

If you have a bachelor’s degree in industrial management and then a master’s in supply chain, you have a great chance to secure a role in a major manufacturing facility. If you have a degree in pharmacy and then secure a business degree in supply chain, you can work for major pharmaceutical companies in the supply chain and logistics department. As a pharmaceutical supply chain executive, you can earn much more than an individual who just has a supply chain degree.

Final Words

When you think about getting a business degree to boost your career prospects, you don’t have just one option. You have multiple business degrees and majors that you could consider when you are thinking about your future. The top business degrees mentioned in this article could help you have a successful career and progress quickly as a manager and a strategic partner in the company that you are working for. So, think wisely before you make the decision, considering your bachelor’s degree, your interests, and your core competencies.

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