Understanding Employability and Ways to Improve It

PESTLEanalysis Team
PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

It's often hard for fresh graduates or interns to determine their employability. However, there are ways to improve your employability and stay competitive.

Employability refers to skills, personal characteristics, and achievements that increase the chances of securing employment. It is one's ability to provide value to the community, economy, and the work environment, which also benefits them. Employability does not focus only on getting a job; it considers the skills and attributes of a graduate that ensure success in a lifetime of working. It's not only about meeting the current job requirements but also about remaining relevant and competitive in the career market.

For example, to work at a paper writing service, excellent writing skills and a good portfolio are paramount. On the other hand, working in sales requires good communication skills and a good network.

It's often hard for fresh graduates or interns to determine their employability, primarily due to lack of experience, which is highly valued by employers. However, there are other ways to improve your employability and stay competitive. They include:

Short Online Courses

Taking up an online course gives you a competitive advantage over other graduates with qualifications similar to yours. By having that extra certificate, the employer sees your interest in learning. Online courses are readily available on the internet. Some are free, while others charge a small fee. It is not compulsory to sign up for courses related to yours. You could diversify and explore other fields. The employer will appreciate your interest in taking up new challenges and any new perspectives you may have.


Forming relationships with the right people may be your ticket to ensuring employability. Push yourself to meet professionals in different fields. They may not offer immediate employment, but they may give you another valuable connection or impart skills to navigate the industry. Having an active network also ensures you stay up to date with the trends in different industries. Being informed helps you position yourself for career development. Talking to people also enables you to learn how to market yourself, boost your self-confidence, and enhance your communication skills. This prepares you for interviews. You can get networks by attending networking conferences. If you have social anxiety, you could try social media or sites like Bumble Bizz.

Invest in Social Media

Social media is a great way to meet and interact with people from different professions. A voice on social media may give you an advantage since most establishments consider it an essential asset in the current world. Therefore, put every effort to remain active and get recognition on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Depending on your field, you could find your preferred media and concentrate on it. List information about your degree, experience, leadership skills, soft and hard skills, and any other knowledge that shows your achievement. The goal is to build a strong profile. Platforms such as LinkedIn have a lot of support for professionals. You could get people to endorse you by writing short testimonials. Also, follow companies that you would like to work in to get updates on any vacancies. You could also post relatable content and engage in productive discussions. Staying active helps prospective employers notice you.

Whatever field you are in, there are always newer technologies, processes, software, etc. To ensure your employability rates are high, always stay up to date. You can do this by continually checking on career magazines, social media, or discussions with other colleagues. Make an effort to learn the new, as it determines how relevant you are in the current job market. You could also take up online courses to refresh your knowledge where you feel inadequate. Employers value innovative and creative employees. The constant motivation to find more effective ways to run operations is a huge advantage. Thus, apart from staying up to date in your relevant field of study, you need to adopt new trends in support areas like communication. For example, you could introduce your company to Instagram as an effective way of reaching your customers. At the same time, ensure you find a balance between productivity and following the trends.

Craft an Excellent CV

When you send in your curriculum vitae, it determines whether you get a physical interview or not. A CV is an interview in its own right; do not wait for an interview to represent yourself well. Write a CV that projects your best image and everything you have to offer. Take your time and look through it critically to make sure it is relevant. You could employ the services of a Human Resource Manager or an essay writer for hire to look through it for any faults. Also, it is necessary to update your CV before applying. Modify it to the specific needs mentioned in the job listing.

Different career fields have varying requirements for optimum employability. Thus, research and learn what is at the top of the list in your field and work towards that. It's all about balancing the above strategies and modifying them to meet your career path's needs.

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