Why ISO certification is important for companies

PESTLEanalysis Team
PESTLEanalysis Team
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)  information and set the standards for all companies to follow when trying to create a Quality Management System (QMS). The company itself does not conduct tests, but rather they set the guidelines used by all the third-party contractors that do conduct the tests and inspections. Once those contractors have signed off on the product or service, they will receive the ISO certification.

But people still want to know what the fuss is all about. The importance of the certification cannot be stressed enough. It reflects in a positive way if you have gone through the steps and tests to get it. Let us look a little deeper into why it is important for all companies to become certified by the ISO.

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  • Standardization: This is in the name, after all, so it should be the first thought that comes across your mind when trying to explain why ISO certification is so important. Unfortunately, ISO is not the only recognized standard for business, so a complete standardized platform would have to begin there. For now, though, two thirds of the companies that are certified have gone through ISO, so it is the best certification for your company to get. The people that have that certification will have a minimum of what the limits have been set at, which would make every business meet, or beat, the standards that have been set and accepted.
  • Customers: Customers may not ever know you’re certified, but they’ll notice the quality of products and services, which is a reflection of ISO standards. It shows that you have pride in your industry, which shows trust in the process.
  • Quality: No matter which stamp a company has, ISO or one of the others, the bottom line is that the company has been confirmed to have a superior quality management system. If you are just starting out these standards will help you reach the levels of excellence that you want, and if you are an old dog trying to improve your business, these standards will show you the levels expected by the consumers, and it will also show you where your competitors sit when it comes to their quality.  For instance, the ISO 9001 is a set of standards for management systems to improve quality products and services for customers by creating policies and procedures within your company.
  • International Recognition: Having an ISO certification not only lets local companies and customers know that you are a level above the rest, but it also lets you become recognized all across the globe. It is a standard set for all companies of the same industries everywhere in the world. The whole point of having one set standard is to ensure that all companies are conducting business on the same level.

These are just a few basic reasons why it is so important for you to get an ISO certification for your company. It means the difference between “take my word for it” and “here is proof.”

 A quality management system will make sure that the product, or service, is top notch. A low-end management system that is not certified by ISO will not have the same standards.

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