5 Jobs for the Successful Graduate with a Master’s in Digital Marketing

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Online commerce is now more accepted than ever before, which means that the importance of digital marketing has increased substantially in the recent past. This is a career niche offering a variety of interesting and lucrative job opportunities, the best of which tend to go to well-educated, experienced marketers with a proven track record of delivering impressive results for their employers. The following 5 jobs are some of the best choices for up-and-coming marketers who have completed a Master of Digital Marketing program:

1.   Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a top executive who oversees all of an organization’s marketing efforts. This is a multi-faceted role requiring expertise in brand management, market research, content strategy and leadership.

2.   Marketing Manager

Marketing managers plan and execute promotional and advertising campaigns. In the past, these campaigns might have targeted consumers interacting with a variety of media including television, print media and online. Nowadays more campaigns are moving online, where precise targeting is easier and it is simpler to evaluate the results of each campaign. In cases where employers want to focus most of their marketing efforts in online channels, specific expertise with digital marketing is an asset to the marketing manager.

3.   Brand Manager

A brand manager’s responsibilities are similar to those of a marketing manager’s; however, the emphasis with this job title is oversight of every aspect of one specific brand’s image. A brand manager would have involvement in many details that influence brand image, from website copywriting to hangtags and packaging on up through the mood, look and script of television commercials promoting the brand.

4.   Digital Strategist

Digital strategists oversee one or more facets of a company’s digital marketing efforts. These could include social media marketing, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and other sorts of digital campaigns

5.   Content Strategy Manager

Digital marketing efforts frequently revolve around content creation. What, exactly, is content? It could be video content, podcast content, website content, blog content or social media posts – things like videos, scripts, photographs, illustrations, blog posts, articles and tweets.

It can take an army of content producers, videographers, writers, photographers and artists to create all the content a company needs for successful marketing. The content strategy manager is typically tasked with creating an editorial calendar, managing the team of people who create the content and overseeing its creation and implementation.

If you’re hoping to earn a comfortable living doing interesting work, it’s worth considering a degree in digital marketing. The list above gives you an idea about some of the jobs you could potentially be qualified for if you were to earn your master’s degree in digital marketing.

Of course, you would not be limited to just these specific job titles; there are many other roles that you’d be able to assume with this credential. However, these 5 job titles are some of the most compelling ones you’d want to consider, because they are all lucrative, prestigious roles that can make a substantial difference in a company’s success or failure. If you were to land one of these jobs, you’d be a key player in your company and your industry.