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Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Amazon Best Sellers Rank is an important for Amazon Sellers. BSR can help gain insights required in choosing products. Read article for more.

Selling on Amazon is currently one of the surest ways to earn online. However, there are several intricacies you need to understand to help you succeed as an Amazon seller. One of these is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.


What is the Best Sellers Rank on Amazon?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) refers to a number assigned to all products in the Amazon catalog that has been sold at least once. This makes the BSR a suitable indicator of the performance of a product concerning sales. With IO Scout BSR calculator you will check products for free. Products with low BSR indicates good sales performance on Amazon.

However, it is important to note that BSR only indicates the performance of a product in a specific category. More simply put, a BSR does not represent the sales performance of a product compared to every other product on Amazon.

Also, considering that several products sell in different categories on Amazon, there is a high possibility for a product to have more than one BSR. This becomes easy to understand when you consider that almost all departments and sub-categories on Amazon have unique best sellers ranking systems.

The implication of this is that a product can be a high performer in one category and have a better BSR in another category.


How is Best Sellers Rank calculated on Amazon?

Amazon does not exactly publish how it calculates its Best Sellers Rank. However, some of the important factors that affect the rank include;

  • Past and current sales performance
  • Promotions and changes in the product price
  • Competitor’s products.

BSR is updated every hour and reflects current and historic sales trends of a particular product.

The BSRs of products on Amazon does not have any drastic fluctuations with changes in their hourly sales. So, if a product with eight sales within the past hour ranks #500 and a product with four sales within the past hour increases ranks #1000. A drop in the sales of the former to four products per hour, and an increase in the latter to eight products per hour does not mean the BSR of both products would be swapped.

Some FBA tools serve as Amazon Best Seller Rank Calculators, thereby making it easy for Amazon sellers. 

Other factors considered in its Best Sellers Rank

Apart from the rate of sales, some Amazon sellers have also noted that products offered through a promotion or with a coupon do not show a change in BSR as quickly despite having high sales volume. While Amazon has not officially made any comments on this, FBA experts and sellers postulate that this factor also affects the BSR of products. It is most likely aimed at discouraging sellers from manipulating the BSR system by using promotions to improve the sales velocity of their products.

How Does Organic Ranking differ from Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank?

Another thing that often tends to confuse a lot of sellers when starting out on Amazon is how Amazon BSR differs from organic ranking. While organic ranking indicates how well a product ranks with respect to a keyword, the BSR is an indicator of how well a product ranks with respect to sales within a category.

What is organic ranking on Amazon?

Organic Ranking is the position where a product appears when a keyword is searched on Amazon. This is not related to the sales performance of such a product. Therefore, a product with good organic ranking does not necessarily mean it has good BSR. This is why it is essential for Amazon sellers not to mix both.

Where to find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for your product?

If you are trying to check out the BSR of your product, go to the Amazon product page. Scroll down to the product details section of the page. You should find the BSR in this section.

If you are accessing Amazon on a mobile phone, you might need to click the product description block.


What is a good BSR on Amazon?

There are different BSR for the different categories on Amazon. So, what might seem like a good BSR in one category might not be as good in another category. This is largely dependent on the volume of sales in the category.

The best approach to have a good BSR for your product is to look out for the number of sales you’re you would love to want your product to have daily and then try to calculate the estimated BSR.

There are several FBA tools you can use for this; IO Scout is one of these products. With IO Scout, you can easily generate an Amazon best sellers rank chart to guide your decision-making process as a seller.

IO Scout

IO Scout is currently reputed as one of the best tools for Amazon FBA sellers. It is an all-in-one tool that offers amazing features to help new, and older experienced Amazon sellers. IO Scout is a fantastic tool for dropshipping, wholesaling, and retail arbitrage. It is a must-have tool for all sellers who want to optimize their sales. IO Scout has high data accuracy has made it more preferred by more Amazon sellers.


As part of its amazing features, IO Scout provides several tools such as Product Research Tool Keyword Scout, Inventory management, Sales Analytics, Listing Builder. The tools also offer extra features like free FBA Calculator, free Sales Estimator and free BSR Estimator.

As a seller on Amazon, your research and analysis needs are not the same as those of other sellers. If you are just starting, you probably don’t have to track many products selling on Amazon. However, seasoned teams and sellers who have been on the platform much longer may need to track a lot of products on Amazon because they sell multiple items on Amazon. IO Scout has three different plans that you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis. This is great as you can opt for a plan that has features specifically tailored for your needs, meaning you don’t have to pay for things that are not necessary for your business. All these plans offer you 24/7 customer service. However, the start-up plan doesn't offer you the Chrome Extension. Also, all the IOScout plans have free trials (14-day money-back guarantee) so you can try them out before committing to it.

In conclusion, Amazon Best Sellers Rank is an important metric for Amazon sellers as it gives insight into high-performing products on Amazon.

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