Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Do on Your First Day at Work

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Congratulations on your new job! Now, if you think the worst is over and you can totally chill, you’re nothing but wrong. First days at work are essential for your position and future relations with employees. Showing up from a bad side can leave a mark on your reputation for a long time.

According to faxburner.com, freshly new employees like to make several pretty common mistakes totally unknowingly. It’s normal, you’re stressed, try to adjust quickly, get confused with endless information about the company. Still, it’s not the best excuse for giving a first bad impression. Now, let’s talk about what kind of behaviour to avoid. Here are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do on your first day at work.

Do not show up late

It sounds obvious but many people keep making the same mistake. Don’t you dare to show up late on your very first day. Arriving late can cause you very negative insights from your boss especially. Being on time shows respect, motivation, dedication and the sense of responsibility. If it means you need to leave your home an hour earlier, do so! Being late seriously affects your reputation in the future.  

Do not talk about  money

Of course, we work in order to earn  money but you don’t need to point that out from the very beginning, even as a joke. Questions about holiday bonuses or “When will I get a raise” ones are highly inappropriate. Also, there’s no need to mention your previous and current salary. Money is personal. If you feel like you deserve more, communicate it to your boss after the trial period.

Avoid “I’ve been doing it differently” comments

Even if you are a pro and know much more about the specific things, bite your tongue and stay humble! Nobody likes arrogance. Every company has its own rules and working systems. Better focus on your job instead of educating experienced employees. Moreover, statements like this may suggest that you simply get confused with what you have to do. 

Do not talk negatively about your old boss or employees

Even if you have a hundred million reasons to hate your previous job and your old boss was pure evil, keep it for yourself. First of all, you are a stranger in your new job. Telling the people you just met long horror stories about your old team may make them feel insecure. If you talk so negatively about others, maybe you will also say bad things about them?

Do not avoid help offers

It’s great if you have already set up your goals and the way to achieve them but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help. In fact, many people use the opportunity to give a hand to the  newcomers because it makes them feel good and important. Don’t worry, accepting  help  from co-workers doesn’t mean you’re helpless. It’s always better to get help rather than make a crucial mistake. If anybody wants to give you a hand, be grateful and take it.

Do not try too hard

There is no need to try too hard to make people like you. Such a first day at work behaviour is definitely not cool simply because people can see that you are a lickspittle. If you are a good person, they will notice it anyway and find many reasons to like you, but being too excited, too pushy and generally too excessive will definitely not win you a good position among employees. Just be yourself.

Do not get antisocial

Even if you are a natural introvert you prefer to stay away from people, try to shut it up for the first days at work. Staying open-minded and social brings up a really good vibe around you and makes people show you a healthy interest. Talk to them, accept lunch invitations, let them get to know you and ask them questions. It will definitely help you kick start great relations with new colleagues.

Do not gossip

Bonding with new coworkers doesn’t include such activity. You just started your new job, who are you to gossip?  Questions like “Who to stick with and who to avoid” can really put you down. Don’t get picky about people. Treat all equally and respectfully.

Do not jump out with your opinion

It’s great if your head has plenty of ideas and judgements you are ready to defend but don’t jump out with your opinion right away! People don’t care about your opinion at the beginning. Just focus on your job, and don’t be aggressive presenting your opinions.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many little things that may cast doubt on your personality. Use the above not-to-do guide, and you’ll definitely be safe about your warm welcome. Remember, try to be a good version of yourself, not anybody else. Kindness and an open mind are the keys to success. Now good luck on the first day at work!

Image by David Mark